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Residential Decks

Things You Need to Know About Residential Decks Residential decks are normal deck designs installed in the property you live in. […]

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Commercial Deck Solutions

What are commercial deck solutions and what to know about it? Commercial deck solutions are any deck structures or any deck […]

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Swimming Pool Decks

What are swimming pool decks? The area around a swimming pool is called a pool deck. Having a beautiful and functional […]

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#1 Melbourne Deck Builders In South Florida

Melbourne Deck Contractors

Stepping outside your home should be enjoyable, fun and refreshing. Having a beautifully crafted deck will always assure that. 

Melbourne Deck Contractors has been building and crafting beautiful and durable decks for years in the South Florida area. We are a team of highly skilled and motivated professional deck builders.  We always go for perfection in building your dream decks. 

A beautifully built and well placed deck can definitely add value to your home. It can widen your living spaces and expand your family’s living area.

If you need help in designing and building your dream deck, Melbourne Deck Contractors will do that and maybe more. 

We are experienced in building decks and other outdoor living spaces that will uplift your quality of living.

Our skilled deck builders consider deck building as an art and a craft. We work closely with clients and homeowners to ensure that the deck we will present to you is of high quality and according to your specifications and likeness.

Melbourne Deck Contractors Motto

Our simple business motto is – You dream your deck, we create your dreams! 

The business of building decks for your homes and commercial spaces started with client satisfaction in mind. We prioritize you, our clients in practicing our craft. 

This Melbourne Deck Builder is Insured, Bonded, and Licensed

Our decking company is insured, licensed and bonded by the proper companies and agencies concerned. You need not worry about that. We assure your safety and interests.

Quality deck building and materials.

We use only quality materials for all our deck building projects. We only use the highest quality materials and methods when building your dream decks. Our design and installation are done with quality materials and with the highest level of craftsmanship. 

We create decks that are not only unique and beautiful but also with the highest quality possible.

Value for your deck building budget

Our company provides the best value and fair price for your deck building needs. Our quality stays the same even if our prices are competitive and fair compared to others. We are proud to say that we can work around your budget and still deliver the best value for your money. Our deck builders can create your design and dream deck without breaking the bank.

We have years of experience under our belt.

All of our Melbourne Deck Builders team members are professionals and have years of experience in perfecting their craft. They love what they do and it translates into very nice work in deck building.

Outside patio deck in Melbourne, Florida built by the best Melbourne deck builders
Building, Maintaining, and Repairing Decks in Melbourne, FL

Residential Deck

Residential composite decks in Melbourne, Florida

Decks built in your residence can be made of wood, composite materials, or any other materials that you can use for your design. They are called residential decks. The majority of decks built are residential ones.

Commercial Deck Solutions

Commercial Deck Solutions in Melbourne, Florida

Commercial deck solutions are any deck structures or any component it has used commercially and not built on a house or residence. Most of the time it an be found and used in restaurants and any commercial buildings.

Swimming Pool Decks

Swimming Pool Decks in Melbourne, Florida

The area around a swimming pool is called a pool deck. Having a beautiful and functional pool deck around is a must to avoid accidents and to increase the level of your enjoyment you will get from your swimming pool.

Patio Covers

Patio Covers help to keep cool in Melbourne, Florida

It is a structure attached to your house that is designed to give shade where it is built upon. Depending on your requirement. The patio cover is usually built using two outer columns or posts that support it. Patio covers can be connected to your home. It can also be free standing.  They are like pergolas in a sense but have a more permanent character attached to them. 

Pergolas and Arbors

Pergolas and Arbors provide a little extra shade in Melbourne, Florida

Pergolas and Arbors are two very same or similar kinds of structures found outdoors. The term pergolas and arbors are used to describe a structure with posts and an open roof with lattice or beams. The structure supports climbing plants or vines. 

Pergolas and Arbors were actually called patio roofs before. 

Timber Deck

Timber is a great deck material in Melbourne, Florida

A timber deck is a class of its own. Despite the huge advancement in decking materials and the available options in the market, the allure of timber is still unbeatable in deck building.

Composite Deck

Composite Decks last longer from the brutal sun in Melbourne, Florida

A composite deck means less maintenance and greater durability. Composite decks are built using measured equal amounts of recycled plastics, polymer, and recycled wood fibers or wood.

Deck Repairs

If your Deck is damaged, repairs are essential in Melbourne, Florida

Deck repairs are a sure thing when you have a deck in your house. These are outdoor structures and they are exposed to the elements. It is expected that there will be damages and some cosmetic issues.