Different Decking Construction Styles for You

deck construction styles

Selecting a decking construction style is very important for those who are planning to have a deck installed or built into their properties. It should be patterned to your preference in design and look. 

Having the correct decking style will vastly increase the enjoyment and pleasure you will get from having your precious decks.

Here are some of the various decking construction styles you can choose from.

  1. Platform – these are the most common type of decks, especially for single level homes. It is built on the ground level. They can be simple and can be constructed easily. They are also less expensive. Usually, platform decks have no steps and if they have it is usually only one step. They are also usually built without rails. Extra care is given to platform decks, especially to those part that are touching the ground. 
  2. Independent or Freestanding – is usually the same as the platform decks. They are simple and at groundlevel. The big difference is that freestanding decks are located separate from the house. It is popularly found and located in landscaped areas or gardens and is connected only to the main house by a pathway. You can have the option of having it covered and it can also be used as a decking idea for your pool.  . 
  3. Raised – this is also a popular kind of deck and can be a little bit more expensive compared to a platform deck. The cost will increase on how high you want your raised deck to be. Raised deck can be a couple of degrees raised from the ground or a couple of feet depending on your choice and the main structure it will be built with. This type of deck is very ideal for flood prone areas.
  4. Multilevel decks – it is usually considered as the most stylish and beautiful of all deck styles and design. It is something that your imagination can run wild in terms of designing and style. It is essentially a platform like deck but with various heights or levels on some sections of the deck. It is also considered a raised deck since some sections should be lifted to achieve the multi level look. A multi level deck can be full of character and artistic inputs. The different levels of the deck can serve different functions too spending on your preference and needs.

It is very essential that you have to think it out, plan and eventually decide on what kind of deck you want or need. It will be a great factor in terms of enjoying fully what you built if you have chosen the one decking construction style that fits you, your family and needs.