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Composite Deck

Composite Decks last longer from the brutal sun in Melbourne, Florida

Composite Decks

The promise of greater durability and less maintenance

Composite deck is for you if you are looking for a deck material that will assure you less maintenance and greater durability, if this sounds good to you then composite decking is what you are looking for. 

Composite decking is now very popular because not only is they are eco friendly but they also help save our tress and forests.

Date Snapshots of the History of Composite Decks

1970’s – homeowners used hardwoods for their decks.

Mid 1980s – changes in deck designs and concepts begin to happen.

Late 1990s – Composite materials used for decking purposes begin to revolutionize the industry.

2010 – improvement drastically happened in composite materials used and big improvements happened.

Moving forward as people become more environment conscious and eco minded, composite decking become popular.

Let us learn what Composite Decks are.

Composite decks are regular-designed decks that only differ from the materials used. Most decks are made of beautiful and strong woods. Composite decks are built using measured equal amounts of recycled plastics, polymer, and recycled wood fibers or wood. It is crafted especially to greatly increase the lifespan of the materials for your deck and at the same time save you money in the long run.

Composite decking is a very good alternative to lumber or wood decks. They are environment friendly and very easy to maintain.

If you’d like to have less of a hassle type of material, whether it is for commercial decking or for your residential deck, composite deck materials are the way to go.

What are the Pros and Cons of Composite Decking

As with all other materials used in deck building, there are advantages and disadvantages to using composite deck materials.

Advantages in using composite materials for your deck:

  • Low maintenance compared to other materials
  • Material is lightweight
  • More resistant to weather
  • Resistant to stains is amazing
  • A large variety of colors to choose from
  • The possibility of splintering is very low and it will not rot

Disadvantages in using composite materials for your deck:

  • There are products and brands that are more slippery
  • Extra careful in choosing composite materials since there are some that look cheap and or fake
  • In time decay and age will show
  • More expensive compared to others
  • In time, it has the propensity to bend and sag too.
  • Mildew and other molds might show up, especially on the shady parts of the deck.

Having a deck installed in your house or maybe commercial property is a major action. Choosing the best materials for your deck is another one. If you choose composite deck materials for your residential decking needs and also for commercial use, you need to know and weigh things so that all will work out fine and will not be something you will regret later.

Here are some tips when choosing the best composite decking.

  1. Budget – your finances and budget should be the first to think about when having a composite deck installed at your property. You need to choose what you want your deck to look like and how it is installed, then look at the price.  You should be comfortable and happy to spend that much. There are some budget-friendly composite deckings and there are some very high-end ones. Your finances should be a big consideration since we want you to enjoy the deck worry-free later.
  2. Climate – what is the general climate where you live? Is the regional weather suitable for the kind of deck you want for your residence. Maybe your commercial property location is not suitable for the kind of composite deck you want. It is best to test composite material samples you want at various temperatures to make sure they are the best decking material for your location.
  3. Check your building codes – nothing is really more frustrating when you have your dream composite deck installed and then have it scrutinized during inspection. The worst is you need to make some changes to the deck because of it. It would be very wise for you to check the codes first before deciding on what composite deck to have.
  4. Consider your deck design and your house – always consider your home’s aesthetics versus your deck. The design should complement your house and must not stick out like a sore thumb after it is finished. Consider the color palette of the deck as compared to your house. Materials used should also be a consideration and factored in.

Composite decks is sure to stay and maybe increase in popularity as people become more conscious about their environment. Lifestyle also become more a factor as people now would like to have things around which are low in maintenance. For those who are price conscious and look up things in the long run, then composite decks are right for you.