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Deck Repairs

If your deck is damaged repairs are essential in Melbourne, Florida

Deck Repairs

Deck repairs are a sure thing when you have a deck in your house. These are outdoor structures and they are exposed to the elements. It is expected that there will be damages and some cosmetic issues. Constant usage will also hasten the wear and tear of your beautiful deck. Be prepared for any repairs to be done on your structure. Remember that your deck is exposed to the elements 356 days a year.

Read on and explore the things you need to know about deck repairs.

Replace or repair my deck?

Deck owners usually ask themselves. What is the best course of action if you see some damages on your deck? Do replace it or just repair it?

The biggest thing to consider is the cost. If the repair will cost you more or even just a little bit close to having it replaced, then it is a no-brainer. You should consider replacing it. Minor damages should be repaired. Major ones should follow the cost rule.

Now, the one big thing you should always remember, preventive maintenance. It will answer your question depending on how you look at it.

If you repair your deck it might save you time and money in the long run. The small little things can be expensive if you don’t take care of them now. It might even cause some collateral damage or expenses later on.

Signs that you need deck repair.

Where do you look for checking on your decks if it needs repairs? You should know what and where to inspect.

  1. Footings – they are made to make sure that the structural integrity of your deck is sound. Good deck footings are usually concrete that is poured on soil. Some are poured not deep enough and may shift and become unstable over time. If the footings are either dropping or heaving then you need to repair them immediately. 
  2. Deck boards – look for cracked, splintered, or lose boards and if found, have it repaired. A good contractor can easily replace a board or two. You need to also look closely at every board. If almost all are showing advanced signs of deterioration, then you need to consider replacing the whole deck board.
  3. Weak or Rotting Posts – soft spots around the post and areas with greyish mold is a good indicator of rotting. Areas exposed to moisture, especially that lumber which is directly in contact with the footing and ground are most likely to rot first. Pest damage is also a good indicator since dry rot attracts pests. 
  4. Rails are Deteriorating or Loose – having a loose deck railing is very dangerous. It poses a safety hazard. Loose railings are usually found in areas where you always congregate. A loose railing or those that are deteriorating really need repair. It will eventually lead to bigger damage and costlier if not fixed at an early stage.

Weak Posts

Broken Deck Boards

Deck Discoloration

Termite Damage

Bad Beams

Structural weakness