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Pergolas and Arbors

Pergolas and Arbors provide a little extra shade in Melbourne, Florida

What are Pergolas and Arbors

Pergolas and Arbors are two very same or similar kinds of structures found outdoors. The terms pergolas and arbors are used to describe a structure with posts and an open roof with lattice or beams. The structure supports climbing plants or vines. 

Pergolas and Arbors were actually called patio roofs before. 

What is the difference between the two?

Pergolas are outdoor structures with a series of independent columns that are designed to support beams that in turn forma roof, open roof to be exact. It is usually connected to a main structure or house. It can also be freestanding. 

It is often built as a shade structure that supports a roof that is flat with cross beams or slats. The roof can be covered with any lightweight and waterproof material but most of the time it is covered by fast-growing vines or climbing, crawling plants. It is most of the time built over a deck or patio

A pergola is originally one of the oldest kinds of garden structures that is built to support vines or climbing plants. It became popular in England in the late 1800s but was first used in Greece, Rome and Egypt in ancient times.

Arbors on the other hand are freestanding garden structures that serve as an entrance to an area of your garden or property. Just like the pergolas, arbors can be made from a kit or can be a DIY project.

The structure is also used to shelter a seating area or a rest area. A bench would be a nice addition to the structure. 

Arbors are usually designed with slatted roofs. The sides are open but covered by trellis work and lattice. Vines are grown on the side. 

Can an Arbor and Pergola structure add value to your house?

Pergolas and arbors can definitely add value to your home. Not only will it add market value to your house but it will add more great living value to you and your family. 

Outdoor living is becoming popular and popular as years go by. The value of these kinds of structures will also be more valuable as years pass by.