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Swimming Pool Decks

Swimming Pool Decks in Melbourne, Florida

What are swimming pool decks?

The area around a swimming pool is called a pool deck. Having a beautiful and functional pool deck around is a must to avoid accidents and to increase the level of your enjoyment you will get from your swimming pool.

In-ground swimming pools usually have concrete pool decks, while above-ground pools have composite decking or wood decks around them.

How much does a pool deck cost?

A swimming pool deck will cost you around $3,000. To $15,000. That is a rough estimate. The cost on the pool deck will largely depend on the materials required for the job and how large you are wanting to go. .

Deciding factors in choosing deck materials

  1. Safety – It is the most important consideration when choosing a material for your deck. Is it safe to use? Or is it safe for your family? Will it be a safety issue in your location? Those questions should be answered properly.
  2. Budget – finances is also an important factor in choosing your deck materials. Can you afford it? How much are you willing to spend. Those are questions that need to be answered honestly.
  3. Maintenance will the decking material you chose to take up most of your time in maintenance or will it take up a large chunk of your money just to have it properly maintained. 
  4. Durability – decks are expensive. You need to protect your investment by choosing durable materials that will work for you.
  5. How it fits your property – the aesthetic of the project is a major consideration when choosing materials. You should consider the look of the pool with your deck. Your house should look great with the pool and deck

Popular swimming pool deck materials.

  • Concrete – concrete has always been the top favorite material for pool decks because of its versatility. It has a lot of decorative options. It can be plain poured concrete to stamped concrete, stenciled or stained. Concrete decks can also be imprinted or textured. It is both low maintenance and durable. The major drawback for concrete decks is that they are very susceptible to temperature changes. 
  • Wood Composite – it is a mixture of wood particles or wood grains mixed with high-density polyethylene. You can get the look of hardwood but with much less maintenance because it has preservatives and binders. The disadvantage is that it is more expensive than real wood.
  • Wood – wooden pool decks have the warm and original look that comes with the material itself. Wooden decks need a seasonal cleaning, sealing and sanding. Regular maintenance is required. Hardwoods are the obvious choice for this kind of decks but the most popular are pine, cedar and Brazilian Ipe. Teak is also a good choice. Some prefer recycled timbers because the dyes used have already been leached out.
  • Tiles – sophistication is the main attraction when using tiles as a pool deck material. Tiles are user-friendly but their beauty cost more than other materials. There are glazed tiles and an un-glazed matte finish. There are some that resemble natural stones.
  • Synthetic – another popular alternative to wood is called synthetics. It is made of PVC (Cellular polyvinyl chloride) and recycled plastics. It requires less maintenance and is durable. Synthetic pool decks are very resistant to pests and insects and also from very harsh weather. Daily exposure to water, sun, and regular climate poses no problem.
  • Bricks – Bricks are for those who prefer the traditional and rustic look. These bricks come in many sizes, shapes and colors are much easier to come by. They can be easily laid down or installed; dirt and stains can be easily cleaned as well. As any type of material moss and algae can easily grow on their surfaces.