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Timber Deck

Timber is a great deck material in Melbourne, Florida

What You Need To Know About The Classic Timber Deck

A timber deck is a class of its own. Despite the huge advancement in decking materials and the available options in the market, the allure of timber is still unbeatable in deck building.

Many are foregoing the use of lumber for their decks, but still a majority of real deck lovers prefer the classic beauty and character of a lumber or timber deck. 

The advantages and disadvantages of timber decks


  1. Cost less – pressure-treated lumber or timber has the lowest material cost compared to other decking materials.
  2. Authentic and natural look – the rustic charm of wood is the most attractive quality of a timber deck. It has the natural warmth and charm that most deck lovers look for. Other materials can’t achieve the look, feel, and aura that lumber or timber can bring to your structures. You can also stain timber with different finishes and colors according to your taste and style.


  1. High maintenance – timber decking requires staining and painting regularly or at least yearly to preserve the look and material. Resealing and cleaning are also highly encouraged to be done regularly. It is more prone to damage and effects from the elements that is why it needs more maintenance, repair, and upkeep.